"...but the finest voice on stage belongs to Yuriy Yurchuk, who sings Rodolfo's aria with immaculate Italianate line."

The Times

"Yuriy Yurchuk gave a masterclass in how, with scant time and space, to inject a role with a profundity not immediately apparent in the action, or indeed the score. Count Rodolfo’s Act 1 aria was both nuanced and psychologically weighty."

Opera Today

"Colonel Rodolfo, sung by baritone Yuriy Yurchuk, possesses a rich, deep voice capable of great versatility and his denunciation of the real villain at the end was wonderfully evocative."


 "Baritone Yuriy Yurchuk’s Count Rodolfo, the man whose testimony helps unwrangle the wrongs of the story, is appropriately full and authoritative"

The Irish Times

"Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk... cut an imposing figure with an authoritative swagger that matched his role perfectly. Moreover, his voice had an authoritative edge, which he complemented with refined and beautiful phrasing, and produced a solid reading of the role. His Act one entrance aria was the highlight of his performance, producing an array of warm vocal colours and dynamic shadings."


"El noble Conde Rodolfo fue interpretado por el bajo ucraniano Yuriy Yurchuk, de voz noble y bien manejada, adecuado al personaje."



"Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk is commanding in the final showdown where villains are trounced and love triumphs. "


"No weak links in a confident cast, with strong vocal leads and apt characterisations lessandra Volpe’s wealthy orphan Margherita, Andrew Stenson’s melancholy soldier boy Ernesto, Giuliana Gianfaldoni as his concerned sister Giustina, Yuriy Yurchuk as his colonel Count Rodolfo"

The Stage