"So sang Yuriy Yurchuk einen profund strömenden Lescaut, der stimmlich und darstellerisch starke Präsenz zeigte "

(So Yuriy Yurchuk sang a profoundly flowing Lescaut, which showed strong presence vocally and dramatically)


“Yuriy Yurchuk ... Sein charaktervoller Bariton strömt wunderbar, und dadurch, dass bis auf einen Strich die geamte Partitur gepielt wurde, erhält Lescaut hier auch das notwendige Gewicht.”

("Yuriy Yurchuk ... his characterful baritone flows wonderfully, and because of that, as a red line through the whole score, Lescaut gets here the necessary weight.")

Oper Aktuell

“Yuriy Yurchuk offered a mellifluous Lescaut, making the most of “Ne bronchez pas, soyez gentille”, in a dialogue that Vitter parodied as a female equivalent to army life. “


"grossartig gesungen von Yuriy Yurchuk ."

(Great singing by Yuriy Yurchuk)

Aargauer Zeitung

“Excellent Yuriy Yurchuk”

Seen And Heard International

“Beweglich agiert Yuriy Yurchuk als Manon Vetter’’

(Agile act as Manon cousing by Yuriy Yurchuk)


“Als Manons Bruder Lescaut war Yuriy Yurchuk ebenso glaubhaft, hier aber nun als Vertreter einer verlogenen Gesellschaft. Der Sänger verfügt über einen kräftigen Bariton, gerade im richtigen Mass für den Soldaten.’’

“As Manon's brother Lescaut Yuriy Yurchuk was just as credible, but now as a representative of a hypocritical society. The singer has a strong baritone, just the right size for the soldier”

Online Merker


“Den Cousin Lescaut singt YURIY YURCHUK mit facettenreicher Stimme und überzeugt auch durch sein Spiel.”

( YURYY YURCHUK sings the cousin Lescaut with the multi-faceted voice and also convinces with his acting.)


Enfin, nous découvrons un baryton-basse de belle stature : l’Ukrainien Yuriy Yurchuk, voix enveloppante et puissante qui sied à un Lescaut plus charmant encore que sa gentille cousine.

"Finally, we discover a bass-baritone of beautiful stature: the Ukrainian Yuriy Yurchuk, enveloping voice and powerful befitting a Lescaut even more charming than his kind cousin.”



"...but the finest voice on stage belongs to Yuriy Yurchuk, who sings Rodolfo's aria with immaculate Italianate line."

The Times

"Yuriy Yurchuk gave a masterclass in how, with scant time and space, to inject a role with a profundity not immediately apparent in the action, or indeed the score. Count Rodolfo’s Act 1 aria was both nuanced and psychologically weighty."

Opera Today

"Colonel Rodolfo, sung by baritone Yuriy Yurchuk, possesses a rich, deep voice capable of great versatility and his denunciation of the real villain at the end was wonderfully evocative."


 "Baritone Yuriy Yurchuk’s Count Rodolfo, the man whose testimony helps unwrangle the wrongs of the story, is appropriately full and authoritative"

The Irish Times

"Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk... cut an imposing figure with an authoritative swagger that matched his role perfectly. Moreover, his voice had an authoritative edge, which he complemented with refined and beautiful phrasing, and produced a solid reading of the role. His Act one entrance aria was the highlight of his performance, producing an array of warm vocal colours and dynamic shadings."

"El noble Conde Rodolfo fue interpretado por el bajo ucraniano Yuriy Yurchuk, de voz noble y bien manejada, adecuado al personaje."



"Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk is commanding in the final showdown where villains are trounced and love triumphs. "

"No weak links in a confident cast, with strong vocal leads and apt characterisations lessandra Volpe’s wealthy orphan Margherita, Andrew Stenson’s melancholy soldier boy Ernesto, Giuliana Gianfaldoni as his concerned sister Giustina, Yuriy Yurchuk as his colonel Count Rodolfo"

The Stage  


 "And there are no weak links in the rest of this vocal chain, anchored by Yuriy Yurchuk’s Mandarin"


"Like the Herald in Lohengrin, the Mandarin in Turandot can set the tone for the whole evening and here Yuriy Yurchuk’s forthright baritone made me sit up and listen."


 "The strength in secondary roles was a bonus, with idiomatic contributions from Yuriy Yurchuk as the choric Mandarin"

Whats on Stage

"Yury Yurchuk was an authoritative Mandarin"

Opera Today




 "As the unsuitable suitor, Prince Yamadori, Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk made the most of his opportunity"


"Yuriy Yurchuk a molasses-voiced Prince Yamadori in his one brief appearance"


 "Yuriy Yurchuk offers pride and purpose as the love-sick Prince Yamadori"

The Stage

"Yuriy Yurchuk is very imposing as Prince Yamadori"

Limelight Magazine

" Yuriy Yurchuk was a stately Yamadori – the prince offering Cio-Cio San a way out"






"In a solid supporting cast Yuriy Yurchuk as Baron Duphol made more of this cipher character than most baritones achieve"


"There were arresting cameos from two of the Royal Opera’s apprentices, Angela Simkin (Flora) and Yuriy Yurchuk (Douphol)"

The Telegraph

"There are fine supporting performances from David Shipley’s Grenvil and Yuriy Yurchuk’s Baron"

The Art Desk



Royal Opera Werther Reviews, 2016

"Schmidt and Johann, were here sung to (largely unmerited) perfection this time by François Piolino... and the vocally sumptuous Yuriy Yurchuk, as good a bass-baritone as I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a fair few)"

Opera Britannia

"Yuriy Yurchuk and François Piolino did a nice double act as the bibulous comic relief"


"François Piolino and Yuriy Yurchuk entertained with gusto as the two drinking buddies in the comic relief episode at the start of Act II"


"Yuriy Yurchuk and François Piolino maximise the potential of village drunks Johann and Schmidt"

The Guardian

"And an excellent vocal pairing of François Piolino and Yuriy Yurchuk flesh out the thankless Schmidt and Johann, early-day exposition ciphers, with some expressive 'back-acting' at the start of act two"


"François Piolino and Yuriy Yurchuk were excellent as the boozy ‘Little and Large’ pairing of Schmidt and Johann"

Seen and Heard International

"There are also strong turns from drunken duo Johann and Schmidt (Yuriy Yurchuk and Francois Piolino)"


"François Piolino and Yuriy Yurchuk are class acts as Schmidt and Johann respectively"


Angelotti reviews, Tosca, RoH, 2016

"Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk — a current Jette Parker Young Artist — was especially convincing as the anxious Angelotti, using his lovely tone to garner our sympathy"

Opera today

"...the best were Yuriy Yurchuk's urgent, focused Angelotti and Donald Maxwell's bustling Sacristan..."


"As always, the ROH has done the smaller roles proud, with Donald Maxwell’s lovable, crusty Sacristan equalled by Yuiry Yurchuk’s finely haunted Angelotti."


"Donald Maxwell as Sacristan of the church where Cavadossi is painting and Yuriy Yurchuk as the escaped prisoner Angelotti both performed as well as any I have seen in these roles"



ROH Jette Parker Young Artists Performance Reviews

" Yuriy Yurchuk to take the honours as noble-voiced Michonet" - The Opera Magazine

"In spite of the pizzazz, it (Adriana Lecouvrer) was pretty much a showcase of Yurchuk’s considerable skills. He has a beautiful tone which he employed carefully, coping very well with the length and complexity of his part"  - Opera INNIT

"...excellent ensemble for this scene led by Yuriy Yurchuk’s impressively lovelorn Michonnet, the stage manager, who is infatuated with the ‘young’ actress Adriana Lecouvreur" - Seen and Heard International

"Yuriy Yurchuk’s sympathetic – if youthful – stage manager, Michonnet" - Bachtrack

"Sakker again impressed (as Abbé de Chazeuil), as did Yuriy Yurchuk as Michonnet." - Opera Today

"As the enthusiastic but soon to be disappointed Michonnet, Yuriy Yurchuk held the stage" - Classical Source

 "There was very interesting singing from Anush Hovhannisyan as Amelia Grimaldi and the above-mentioned Yurchuk" - A Younger Theatre

Yuriy Yurchuk interview for OperaNews. RU

Interview for OPERANEWS.RU with Lyudmila Yablokova  

Such an unusual pass. Is it possible to sing on the stage of the Royal Opera, when you've heard your first Opera when you were 28! His parents have not heard him sing yet and did not see him on stage... 

Full text in Russian:


Madama Butterfly - The Times Review


By Hilary Finch, March 25, 2015

"With irresistibly agile and canny Goro in Carlo Bosi, and a formidable Prince Yamadori (even taller than Butterfly) in Yuriy Yurchuk, this revival has plenty going for it."

Read the full review at: The Times Website

La Scala di Seta - The Independent Review


By MICHAEL CHURCH, October 25, 2014    

"As the servant Germano - entrusted with the most complex role and the most taxing aria of the evening – Ukrainian baritone Yuriy Yurchuk surmounted initial intonation-problems to become the opera’s warm centre of gravity."

Read the full review at:  The Independent Website