23–24 OCTOBER 2014: Meet the Young Artists Week Performance

Yuriy Yurchuk to sing Germano in upcoming Jette Parker Young Artist Programme performance of Rossini's La Scala Di Seta.

The rising stars of The Royal Opera's Jette Parker Young Artists Programme present Gioachino Rossini's absurd early farce La scala di seta, his sixth opera. It was first performed in Venice in 1812 when the composer was just 20, with Giuseppe Maria Foppa providing a libretto adapted from Pierre Gaveaux's 1808 opera L'Échelle de soie.La scala di seta is a charming example of Rossini's gift for comedy and his rhythmic flair, with highlights including Lucilla's aria 'Sento talor nell'anima'.

The production is a highlight of Meet the Young Artists Week at the Royal Opera House, which provides a chance to see the future faces of opera in the intimate settings of the Linbury Studio Theatre. The week’s activities also include a diverse programme of free recitals and a chance to meet the Artists in person.