Tales of Hoffmann - Brooklyn Eagle Review


By Nino Pantano, July 22, 2013
"Baritone Yuriy Yurchuk was the devilish Councillor Lindorf as well as the villains Coppelius, Dr. Miracle and Dappertutto. Yurchuk’s dark, sinister baritone, aided by his satanic-looking red cape, made him an arch-villain par excellence and a combination of Mephistopheles and Nosferatu. His brilliant singing as Dappertutto  was truly a highlight."

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Tales of Hoffmann - Voce di Meche Review

Les Contes D'Hoffmann Review

By Meche Kroop, July 12, 2013
As the perennial heavy, baritone Yuriy Yurchuk was evil personified.  In the tavern scene, he was the arrogant Councillor Lindorf who plots to steal the Prima Donna Stella away from Hoffman.  In the Olympia act, he portrayed the nasty Dr. Coppelius who sells Hoffman the magic glasses that make him see the doll as a real woman.  In the Antonia act, he is the wicked Dr. Miracle who causes Antonia's death.  In the Giulietta act he is the evil magician who bribes Giulietta with a diamond in order to steal Hoffman's reflection.  In every case, he created a different color of evil.  Let us not fail to mention the richness of his voice.  This man has low notes to spare!"

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